Day 3

Hi Everyone,


I must say it is more fun to write this blog than work on my book chapter. It is a good thing that my rule 3 is that writing the blog doesn’t count. Kudos to Lindsay for persisting in the face of The Son Who Wouldn’t Nap and then making time to blog about it! She reclaimed her time.

Maxine Waters “Reclaiming my time”

Maxine Waters’ words as a gospel jam


I’m excited about the wide variety of writing projects in the works as part of this Challenge. Books, book chapters, articles, poetry, short stories…this is a wonderful collaboration in making progress on important projects.  And knowing all of you are out there has caused me to try to stay focused this morning. I made some decent progress yesterday. Today was harder. I have a presentation this afternoon that is a major distraction and in other circumstances I might have given myself the day off from the book chapter. But that is exactly the point of this exercise. We all have large and small distractions, time demands and expectations. For this 14 day period, we are experimenting with ways to reclaim our time, albeit privately rather than as a member of a congressional committee.



Lindsay wrote yesterday that she helps keep focus by identifying small pieces of a project she can complete in 25 minutes. I focus by making lists of things I want to remember to write about, and that is where most of my writing time went this morning. My goal is to write more sentences tomorrow!


Some of you have stated that you hope this 14 day Challenge will get you started on a new (or reclaimed) writing schedule. I share this hope – how’s Day 3 going for you?


Write on,