Day 9

Hi Everyone,

I feel the approach of the coming semester like the approach of a herd of horses cats – a distant sound that grows louder with each passing day ( cat herding ). Or maybe I’ve just been spending too much time staring at my calendar and contemplating the large number of presentations I have to give during the next two weeks. Either way, today’s summary photo is:

Since ADVANCE at UNM was funded, all of my writing has been reports, memos, presentations, emails and lectures. I was dreading getting started today as I feel like I’m plodding along waiting to be scratched by the cat herd (really, you should watch the video). But after reading Lindsay’s blog yesterday, I was reminded that this is what it feels like to be working on a big writing project again. I am out of practice!

So I will plod through the next few days and see if I can make progress on my parts of this chapter.

Lindsay and I are going to write a summary blog on Monday – Day 14. Sometime before then, let us know what has worked (or not worked) for you. We’re going to have Shut Up and Write time in the ADVANCE at UNM space (times TBD). What virtual writing support would also be helpful during the semester?

Write on,