STEM Shoutout: Dr. Eirini-Eleni Tsiropoulou

Dr. Tsiropoulou awarded 2018 Women in STEM award

UNM Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer engineering Dr. Eirini-Eleni Tsiropoulou was one of 10 women to receive the 2018 Women in STEM award for her proposal entitled “Redefining resource AllocaTION in Advanced wireLess systEms (RATIONALE)”.


Tsiropoulou’s proposal demonstrates how it is most beneficial for the user and system to aim for a satisfactory quality of service (QoS) rather than QoS maximization.


“Our research work aims at “rationalizing” the resource allocation process in cyber-physical social systems…Our approach, enables and is enabled by both theoretical advances as well as real-life human behaviors and choices, and allows for the creation of a user-centric framework that brings significant benefits for the end-user, in terms of reduced power consumption and lower prices, and for the network or service provider, in terms of energy savings and increased number of satisfied customers,” she said.


Tsiropoulou’s proposal will directly impact and improve the resource allocation process for many emerging fields of research including 5G wireless communication systems, Internet of Things infrastructures, cyber-physical systems, and the intersection of these technologies with other disciplines, such as smart cities.


According to Tsiropoulou, she expects these findings to lead the way for the creation and design of attainable energy-efficient protocols.


“It’s expected findings and developments have the potential to lay a foundation for solid theoretical network design framework, influence industrial thinking about technologies of next generation networks, and support the re-thinking and re-engineering of the design and operation of many existing approaches,” Tsiropoulou said.


She said her achievement and the Women in STEM award are additional motivation to pursue and advance her current research which as well will bring more visibility to her department.


“This is also very important for our department’s reputation and visibility, since by promoting innovation and breakthrough research in the areas of communication and networking at UNM, will contribute to building the critical mass towards realizing our vision of creating a center of excellence in this important field at UNM, which nowadays is missing,” she said.


For more information about Tsiropoulou’s award-winning proposal and current research visit her website.