STEM Shoutout: Dr. Elizabeth Crosson

Dr. Elizabeth Crosson looks forward to bringing her research to UNM in fall 2018

Dr. Elizabeth Crosson, an assistant professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of New Mexico, is currently conducting research on the uses and benefits of quantum computers.

These quantum computers would assist in helping scientists find faster solutions to specific problems. However, as small-scale quantum computers are just starting to appear, their real-world applications are still being studied. The big question is, what are they going to be useful for?

“In some ways, the most exciting thing about quantum information science is that we’re still at the beginning and there are still many big questions in the field. Personally, I want to contribute to providing theoretical guidance of what people should do with a quantum computer,” Crosson said.

Crosson researches and studies the theory of quantum computers, and she is working towards understanding the new boundaries that these computers will push in physics, such as complex interacting quantum systems.

Crosson is most looking forward to interacting with large numbers of enthusiastic students at UNM and participating in the Center for Quantum Information and Control. The culture, landscape, and people of New Mexico also enticed her to come to UNM.