Felipe Gonzales


Title with Advance at UNM:

Co-principal investigator

Your background in academia:

Phillip B. (Felipe) Gonzales is a professor of sociology and the director of the School of Public Administration at the University of New Mexico (UNM). He was formerly senior associate dean and associate dean of faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences; chair of Sociology; and the director of the Southwest Hispanic Research Institute at UNM. He is the author of Política: Nuevomexicanos and American Political Incorporation, 1821-1910 (2016); Forced Sacrifice: The Hispano Cause in New Mexico and the Racial Attitude Confrontation of 1933 (2001), co-author of Sunbelt Working Mothers: Reconciling Family and Factory (1993), editor of Expressing New Mexico: Nuevomexicano Creativity, Ritual and Remembrance (2007), and author of articles on Nuevomexicano identity and politics. His current research involves the politics of Nuevomexicano identity, 1880-1912.

Why were you attracted to the project?

It concerns an important social cause that must be addressed by UNM and universities across the country.

What’s that one cool thing about you?

A sense of humor that rarely comes out, but when it does, look out.