Faculty Guide to UNM Student Resources

Many faculty at UNM know students who need support, whether it’s with academic, health or other concerns. But it can be hard to know where to direct students for the right kind of support. We’re here to help with videos and information on connecting students to the right support network on campus. 


Learn about local resources and support for students in the replay of a workshop with Traye Holland, Mental Health Training and Development Specialist at Student Health and Counseling.
UNM has a variety of resources available for students who need help with mental or physical health concerns in a timely manner. See some of the most frequently used resources in this video.

UNM has services on campus to help students with everything from academic support to behavioral counseling and culturally-relevant information and activities. See this presentation from SHAC of local resources, and see our list below.

Did we miss any helpful student groups around campus? Email us at advance at unm dot edu.


Resource and Service Centers

Hate, bias and sexual misconduct

Health and wellbeing

Mental health