UNM Women in STEM Award winner profiles

Winner Profiles (1)

A major initiative at UNM to recognize and support the work of women STEM faculty started with an anonymous donation of $1.5 million in 2015.

Since then, the donation has fueled research on brain stimulus and substance abuse, the engineering of bones and ligaments and the tracing of pueblo pottery. Awards to 69 women also have sparked innovation and collaboration on issues including head injuries in professional fighters, an artificial leaf that can generate solar energy and themes of equality in Albuquerque’s rental market.  Read about the work of the winners below.


See our Women in STEM Awards page for more information, and check back as we add more profiles and videos.


Read about the 2016 winners.
Dr. Jessica Feezel
Dr. Siobhan Mattison
Dr. Christina Salas
Dr. Jingjing Wang
Dr. Katie Witkiewitz
Drs. Lindsay Worthington and Mousumi Roy


Read about the 2017 winners.


Dr. Eva Chi 
Dr.  Michelle Facette
Dr. Kendra Koivu
Drs. Christine Mermier &  Kristina Trujillo
Drs. Naomi Shin, Barbara Shaffer and Jill Morford 
Dr. Jami Nelson Nunez
Dr. Ylva Philström


Read about the 2018 winners.


Dr. Heather Canavan
Drs. Judy Cannon and Melanie Moses
Dr. Cindy Gevarter
Dr. Amy Neel
Dr. Svetlana Poroseva
Dr. Jessica Richardson
Dr. Irene Salinas
Dr. Eirini Eleni Tsiropoulou
Dr. Kira Villa


Read about the 2020 winners.
Dr. Rebecca Bixby
Dr. Tara Drake
Dr. Heather Edgar
Dr. Tamar Ginossar
Dr. Maryam Hojati
Dr. Mousumi Roy
Dr. Lani Tsinnajinnie
Dr. Jin Zhang


Read about the 2021 winners.


Dr. Miriam Gay-Antaki
Dr. TyAnna Lovato
Dr. Amalia Parra
Dr. Xiaoxue Li
Dr. Sarah Stith
Dr. Anjali Mulchandani
Dr. Suzanne Oakdale
Dr. Caroline Scruggs
Dr. Melinda Morgan
Dr. Jingjing Wang
Dr. Alex Webster
Dr. Lydia Tapia





Read about the 2022 winners.
Dr. Diana Dragomir
Dr. Eliane El Hayek
Dr. Maricarmen Hernández
Dr. Yan Lin
Dr. Hannah Marx
Dr. Jami Nelson-Nuñez
Dr. Kathy Powers
Dr. Vanessa Svihla
Dr. Shuya Wei
Dr. Janet Vassilev
Dr. Marygold Walsh-Dilley


Read about the 2023 winners.
Dr. Lisa Barrow
Dr. Jessica Feezell
Dr. Adriana Molina Garzón
Dr. Kathy Kambic
Dr. Sunaina Shenoy
Dr. Erin Wilkinson
Dr. Lindsay Worthington
Dr. Rosa Vallejos Yopán
Dr. Heng Zuo


The 2024 winners will be announced in June.