Advance Leadership Team

We are an eclectic and experienced group of faculty and staff developing partnerships that will create sustainable changes in the UNM climate, contributing to increased success and satisfaction for women and minority faculty.

Advance Leadership Alumni

Some of UNM’s best minds have been a part of our team from the start. 

Advance Communication Team

Our team is here to tell the story of women and minorities in STEM at UNM on the web and through social media. Undergraduate students learn multimedia story telling through writing, video, photos and more. Learn more.

Advance Social Sciences Research Team

This team is responsible for the implementation and analysis of the social science research project, which focuses on the application of the Dobbin and Kalev model of Managerial Engagement to the university context. Members also conduct qualitative interviews with university leadership and departing faculty. This team is guided by Advance leadership team members Lisa Marchiondo and Shannon Sanchez-Youngman.

Additional Faculty Leadership

We brought together this diverse group of faculty to help provide insight into different experiences on the UNM campus and guide ADVANCE at UNM program activities.

External Advisory Board

This group of prominent scholars and practitioners meets formally once a year to monitor the project, to assess progress toward project goals, provide recommendations for improvements to the project and offer suggestions about additional resources and opportunities.

Internal Advisory Board

This rotating group of UNM faculty meets formally once a semester to provide feedback on current efforts, suggest program activities and participants, and coordinate ADVANCE activities with other activities on campus related to project goals.


Our consultants assist with various projects within our program. 

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