A UNM program that promotes women faculty, particularly STEM faculty of color, to create a supportive campus climate for all. The program started with NSF funding through an ADVANCE IT grant and is now part of Academic Affairs.

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Our goals

1. Advance New Mexico: We support faculty in learning about opportunities that support their research, scholarship, and creative works, including how to successfully obtain extramural funding. We promote faculty accomplishments internally and externally via our website and social media sites, which makes a broader audience aware of UNM faculty scholarship. We collaborate with Academic Affairs and the OVPR in developing opportunities and support for faculty. Our participation in UNM FIRST adds faculty with biomedical research interests in the College of Arts & Sciences.


2. Student Experience and Educational Innovation: Faculty success and retention are critical to the development of sustainable student educational experiences and student success. We have consistently worked to increase the value placed on undergraduate and graduate student mentoring in faculty evaluations. Through our workshops, we provide opportunities for faculty to learn about educational initiatives like ECURE and the Student Experience Project. We promote these opportunities on our website and in weekly emails.


3. Inclusive Excellence: ADVANCE at UNM’s primary focus is the recruitment, retention, and advancement of a diverse faculty. Everything we do – confidential meetings, workshops, campus climate surveys and interviews, promotion of faculty accomplishments, and policy and process work – is done with the goal of making UNM an increasingly inclusive and equitable institution. We also support staff in understanding policies and processes related to faculty, particularly faculty hiring and promotion/tenure, with the goal of improving UNM work life for staff.  

4. Sustainability:  ADVANCE at UNM’s efforts to broadly support faculty success and to actively help staff understand policies and processes contributes to faculty and staff retention. Our climate surveys and interviews capture faculty well-being (physically, mentally, and occupationally), which allows us to provide resources and support directly to faculty, as well as provide recommendations to academic leaders.


5. One University: ADVANCE at UNM assists faculty in developing collaborations and supports the development of processes that value and reward collaborative research and teaching. Our website resources and workshops make UNM policies and processes more transparent for all faculty and support faculty in learning about student resources. Our emails, website, and workshops contribute to development of a supportive institutional climate that values all faculty. Workshops and writing retreats bring faculty from across the university together, promoting networking and fostering connections between faculty in similar career stages or with overlapping interests.

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