Women in STEM awards


2021 awards

12 UNM faculty selected for the 2021 UNM Women in STEM awards

Seven winning projects will look at better ways to manage water, how healthy brains age, and methods for transferring knowledge between robots


Twelve faculty members at the University of New Mexico have been selected for the 2021 Women in STEM awards. Winning projects this year will look at new ways to reduce the environmental impacts of human waste; social identities of people diagnosed with Celiac Disease; paths to better helping communities affected by climate change and the effects of acute sugar intake including possible links to asthma.

2020 Awardee Profiles

Dr. Rebecca Bixby


Dr. Tara Drake


Dr. Heather Edgar


Dr. Tamar Ginossar


Dr. Maryam Hojati


Dr. Mousumi Roy


Dr. Lani Tsinnajinnie


Dr. Jin Zhang

2020 awards

Eight UNM faculty selected for the 2020 UNM Women in STEM awards

Winning projects will develop sustainable concrete for 3-D printing, analyze social media discourse about the novel coronavirus and study groundwater resources on the Navajo Nation


Eight UNM faculty members at the University of New Mexico have been selected for the 2020 Women in STEM awards. Their work includes research on the impact of global warming on alpine stream biology, the creation of a better way to identify missing and murdered Native Americans and analysis of high pressure-temperature studies on Martian rocks.

The recipients this year are Dr. Rebecca Bixby, a research assistant professor in biology; Dr. Tara Drake, an assistant professor in physics and astronomy; Dr. Heather Edgar, an associate professor in anthropology; Dr. Tamar Ginossar, an associate professor in communication and journalism; Dr. Maryam Hojati, an assistant professor in civil, construction and environmental engineering; Dr. Mousumi Roy, an  associate professor in physics and astronomy, Dr. Lani Tsinnajinnie, an assistant professor in community and regional planning, and Dr. Jin Zhang, an assistant professor in earth and planetary sciences.


The Women in STEM awards are hosted by Advance at UNM in collaboration with the UNM Office of Academic Affairs. Advance is a five-year National Science Foundation program to recruit, retain and promote women and minority STEM faculty. The WIS awards, now in their fifth year, have totaled more than $266,000 to date.


Julia Fulghum, director of Advance at UNM, said the selected proposals are an exciting representation of the work of women in STEM around campus.


2018 Awardee Profiles

2017 Awardee Profiles

Dr. Eva Chi 


Dr.  Michelle Facette


Dr. Kendra Koivu


Drs. Christine Mermier &  Kristina Trujillo


Drs. Naomi Shin, Barbara Shaffer and Jill Morford 


Dr. Jami Nelson Nuñez


Dr. Ylva Philström


2019 Women in STEM award winners

Learn more about some of the 2019 Women in STEM award winners in our video!

2016 - 2019 award winner announcements

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2016 Awardee Profiles

Dr. Jessica Feezel


Dr. Siobhan Mattison


Dr. Christina Salas


Dr. Jingjing Wang


Dr. Katie Witkiewitz


Drs. Lindsay Worthington and Mousumi Roy

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