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2015 Faculty Success and Mentoring Study

UNM’s Division of Equity and Inclusion Faculty Success and Mentoring Study convened focus groups to explore faculty perceptions of the resources and support required for professional success. Women and minority faculty emphasized the need for different mentoring services and information about UNM, while expressing a fear of the repercussions of bad mentoring relationships. Half of pre-tenure women and minority faculty surveyed said they have experienced unsuccessful mentoring experiences. At the same time, they expressed hesitation to burden trusted women and minority professors with requests for help. Many faculty reported hostile departmental climates. Read the report.

2013 UNM Faculty Worklife Survey

The University of New Mexico survey, modeled on those done by ADVANCE programs at other universities, revealed that women were more likely than men to perceive informal hierarchies structured by gender and race in their departments (45 percent women; 15 percent men), to feel excluded from informal networks (42 percent women; 31 percent men), and to have encountered unwritten rules governing interactions with colleagues (50 percent women;  30 percent men). In addition, it found women are less likely to express interest in leadership positions (43 percent women vs 58 percent men). Read the full report from UNM’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research.

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