Advance at UNM Panel Discussion: How to work with the NSF

Panelists from left to right Jessie DeAro, Amy P. Chen and Lydia Tapia enjoy a moment during a panel on how UNM faculty can work with the NSF. Photo: Noah Michelsohn / Advance at UNM

Make sure your NSF proposal is succinct and to the point. Be sure it tells reviewers why you are the best person to do the research you are proposing. And ask to serve on review panels to get a sense of how the process works.

Those were some of the tips that a trio of panelists who work for or have worked with the NSF gave to an audience at UNM on Feb. 16. The event, part of the Research Success Series, was sponsored by Advance at UNM, the UNM Office of the Vice President for Research and the UNM Center for Teaching and Learning.

See the tips from Jessie DeAro, the program director for NSF Advance here.

See the advice from UNM computer science professor Lydia Tapia here.

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