Dr. Chanee Choi, Film and Digital Arts


Dr. Chanee Choi



Assistant Professor



Film and Digital Arts


Describe your research in about 200 words.

I am a transdisciplinary artist and educator. I’ve developed a ritualistic craft-based art practice that transcends the conservative and isolationist roots of traditional East Asian craftwork by focusing on a celebration of feminist theory and contemporary technology. Within this hybrid genre, I produce both embodied and virtual immersive experiences exploring the effect of immigration on issues of identity and the synesthetic processes of corporeal-cognitive space. My work draws inspiration from the rich traditions of East Asian craftwork while incorporating contemporary feminist theories and cutting-edge technology. I craft immersive experiences that invite viewers to investigate the intricate layers of my art, offering a fresh perspective on the intersection of culture, identity, and space. As both an artist and an educator, I strive to inspire others to push the boundaries of creativity and self-expression. My art represents a harmonious dialogue between cultures, traditions, and ideas in our ever-evolving world, demonstrating the transformative power of creativity.


What’s the most interesting thing you have learned from a student?

What I find most fascinating from students is when I share a bit of knowledge with my them, and they use that as a springboard to consistently generate creative ideas. I continually draw inspiration from their enthusiasm and enjoy the reciprocal exchange of ideas and references, creating a positive impact on each other.