UNM faculty share advice for preparing a promotion and tenure dossier

UNM faculty learned the best practices for preparing their promotion and tenure dossier at an event sponsored by Advance at UNM.


The Preparing Your Promotion and Tenure Dossier workshop presenters shared useful information and advice for creating a dossier in the most efficient way.


“An important thing to realize is how much control you have over this. This is your own adventure story,” said Dr. Julia Fulghum, the director of Advance at UNM and associate dean for faculty development in the Department of Arts and Sciences. She emphasized the importance of explaining what are you most proud of and why do you do what you do in your dossier.


Alex Lubin, associate provost for faculty development and professor in American Studies, spoke from an Academic Affairs point of view. He explained that the policy comes from Faculty Handbook, Section B4. “What we are looking for is if procedures been followed at every level,” Lubin said.


Later in the workshop, Dr. Heather Canavan, associate professor in Chemical and Biological Engineering, shared her story in preparing her dossier. She stressed the importance of having a team to review your dossier and nominate you for possible awards that you could mention in the dossier.


Lastly, Dr. Melanie Moses, professor of Computer Science and Biology, gave the faculty some quick advice on attitude. She said that a good attitude will make the process run much more smoothly. “Don’t panic,” she said.


Do you need help preparing your promotion and tenure dossier? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Advance at UNM to schedule a confidential meeting. Contact advance@unm.edu.