Day 1

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to August! Thanks for joining us on this 2-week adventure. I’m determined to make progress on our book chapter before the semester starts, and I hope our writing challenge positions me to do so. A friend of mine posted this brilliant and moving poem (author unknown) about mornings to my Facebook page a while ago, and I thought some of you might appreciate it:

In order to get “warmed up” for writing this morning, I looked at the outline for the chapter and made a few notes while I was (silently) drinking my coffee early this morning. I usually spend this time looking at the news, and this was definitely a more peaceful start to the day.  I need to get a few random thoughts down before I can actually start writing in complete sentences.


I eventually wrote for about 30 minutes. I now have about two pages of writing interspersed with lists to turn into sentences, things to look up when I am not writing, and some ideas for figures, photos and tables. It is a start.


What works for you? What rituals do you go through before you start writing? My son is off in grad school, so mornings can be pretty peaceful around my house. How are you finding writing time if you have kids at home, a dog demanding a walk or a cat wanting to lie across your keyboard? Let us know how you’re doing!


Lindsay will check in tomorrow and I’ll be back on Day #3.


Write on!