STEM Shoutout: Dr. José Cerrato

Assistant Civil Engineering Professor Jose M. Cerrato recently won a CAREER award through the National Science Foundation for his work “Understanding Reactivity in American Native Impacted Uranium Mines (URANIUM): Research, Education and Outreach.”  

Cerrato’s research focuses on the contamination of sediments in Native American communities from uranium mines. The grant will be used to help support graduate students and continue working with the Southwest Research and Information Center and New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science. Cerrato said this award will help provide knowledge to figure out solutions to contamination problems.

“The legacy of mining activities resulted in mine waste sites located in Native American communities that remain inadequately managed,” Cerrato said.

“Fundamental knowledge is necessary to understand the occurrence and mobility of metals in such communities to inform risk assessment and remediation initiatives.”

The award is for $500,00 and will fund the project to 2022.