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The work of Dr. Hannah Mattson, assistant professor at UNM’s Anthropology department, focuses on jewelry, also known as personal adornments, and ritual practices. In this video, Mattson shares what materials and shapes were used in Pueblo Bonito and how they are connected to identity.
The work of Dr. Patricia Crown, distinguished professor at UNM’s Anthropology department, focuses on archaeological ceramics, and with UNM students and Professor W.H. Wills, she has conducted fieldwork in Chaco Canyon since 2005. See this video to learn more about her research on the use of cylinder jars, drinking rituals, and cacao in Pueblo Bonito.
Dr. Clare Cardinal-Pett, a lecturer II at UNM’s School of Architecture + Planning, studies the history of architecture and urbanism. Watch this video to hear about her research on the water crisis in Lima, Peru – explaining the history of the city’s hydraulic system and its urgency for change.
In this video, hear from 2020 Women in STEM award winner Dr. Heather Edgar, an associate professor in the Department of Anthropology at UNM, who is creating a better system for identifying the remains of Native Americans in New Mexico.

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