Advance at UNM Summer Faculty Pilot Project

Update, Sept. 1, 2020: We had a great response to our summer program! Please stay tuned for details on how we might continue this project. Email with questions.


ADVANCE at UNM is finding new ways to assist women STEM faculty with making research and scholarship progress this summer.


Research and scholarship support

Are you a woman assistant or associate professor in STEM with a small, well-defined project that a qualified graduate student can help with and that can be accomplished without physical access to campus? Examples might include (but are not limited to): assistance with literature reviews, data analysis, R programming, graphics preparation, formatting journal articles or book chapters…

If you can identify a small project that can advance your work, fill out this Google form to request help.

You can request up to 10 hours of assistance at a time. We’d like to help as many faculty as possible, so please don’t request additional assistance until the first project is complete. You can request additional support at that time, but no more frequently than once/week. 

If you have a specific graduate student in mind, they need to fill out this form to be part of the program.

After a project of 10 hours or less is completed, please fill out this form and have the graduate student fill out this completion form.

Questions? Email



Virtual outreach

We’re working on outreach to your kids! Our first experiment in helping some of you parents is with Rebecca Huppenthal, is a choreographer, dancer, teacher, and MFA student in the Department of Theatre and Dance at UNM. She’s working with us to offer two free classes, which have registration through Eventbrite below. Each of these classes is limited to 7 kids.


Creative Movement meets 10-10:45am Tues (June 23) and Thurs (June 25). This 45-minute class for 4-6 year olds allows children to explore their imaginations through music, movement, games, and activities. Classes will be focused on engagement, creativity, and physical activity.


Dance Fusion meets 11-noon Tues (June 23) and Thurs (June 25). This 1 hour class for 7-12 year olds will get your kids moving and sweating using a variety of dance styles including jazz, hip hop, and stretch and strengthening movements. Kids will be learning and improving basic coordination, balance, and rhythm.


More information about both of these is available in the Eventbrite registration links above.


This is our first experiment in providing virtual outreach. We need your feedback! Rebecca has some flexibility in her schedule and is excited to be able to help faculty parents.

— If your kids enjoy the time and want to keep doing it, we’ll set up a schedule through July.

If the classes fill and there is more demand, we’ll add other times.

— If these times don’t work, but there is a demand, we’ll set them up at different times.


Show us how you work from home

Stock photos are a little too…ideal. Let’s add some reality to the artwork above by showing us the ways you are working from home.  Send photos or comments (or both) to, or share them through Twitter and Facebook. Getting help from pets? Kids? Surrounded by devices and clutter? Staring out at a great view? Moving around continually to find a quiet spot? Let’s show what this experience really looks like! Please include photos from home-schooling if you’re willing to share. 

We are also working on creating other opportunities, stay tuned!