Advance at UNM team publishes book chapter on using social media in grant projects

Learn more about our multimedia student internship program in this video.

Members of our team recently published a book chapter on the work we’ve done to incorporate digital and social media in our grant. The chapter outlines our goals, successes and some of the lessons we’ve learned along the way.

When we applied to the NSF for our five year grant at UNM, we included a communication team as part of our proposal, acknowledging the importance of a dedicated team that communicates with our community about our events as well as the broader successes of women and minority STEM faculty at UNM.

Our team of four communication interns has been successful in creating videos, written stories, photos and social media posts on the interesting and innovative research and teaching being done by women and minority STEM faculty. Our website, YouTube channel and social media reaches a broad audience at UNM and beyond.