Faculty learn how to manage grant funding

UNM faculty who recently received grant funding for their research heard key tips on how to correctly and ethically handle the grant process during a workshop sponsored by Advance at UNM and Contract and Grant Accounting.

Presenters at the You Got Funded, Now What? workshop provided tips on how to correctly manage grants throughout the entirety of the funding period.

“It’s best to ask the experts,” said the Faculty Research Support Officer (FRSO) in the College of Education who was one of three presenters who spoke about grant management.

Christine Marquez presented on managing grant funding while Jeremy Hamlin prepared for his portion of the presentation. Photo by Jessica Davis /Advance at UNM.

Each of the presenters explained a different aspect of the process. Jeremy Hamlin from Contract and Grant Accounting and Vince Sarracino, FRSO in the College of Arts and Sciences also spoke on best practices.

“We are here to support the project,” Hamlin said about the Contract and Grant Accounting Office.

Some of the topics covered included were: issues in grant management, award management, research terms and conditions, as well as tips for the principal investigators of the projects.

The main takeaways from their presentation was to keep accurate and proper documentation, to keep note of deadlines and file reports on time and closely monitor your budget.

“Closeout (of the funding) should just come naturally,” Hamlin said, if everything is documented properly and completed in a timely manner.

Resources available to UNM faculty to assist in managing grant funding are: MyReports, University Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual, Faculty Handbook, Human Resources, Contact and Grant Accounting and of course Department Administrators, Accountants, and FRSOs.