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Dr. Hannah Torres holds a B.S. in Elementary Education from Florida State University and had a career as a schoolteacher before earning an interdisciplinary Masters Degree from Duke University in Coastal Environmental Management. She earned a PhD in Geography and Environmental Science and Policy from the University of South Florida where her research agenda emphasized using social science methods to investigate marine debris prevention, climate change adaptation, and disaster resilience.
As a tenure-track assistant professor of resilience studies at Old Dominion University, Dr. Torres continued her teaching and research related to the social dimensions of environmental change. She served as Co-PI for an NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates in Belize, studying flood vulnerability and marine litter using community-based GIS approaches. After that, her career shifted toward research development when she took on the role of Assistant Director for George Mason University’s transdisciplinary Center for Resilient and Sustainable Communities.
Dr. Torres is now Director of the Faculty Research Development Office at the University of New Mexico, where her research agenda emphasizes research development strategies, business administration,  and “the Science of Team Science.” She is currently working on a grant to study and improve the use of the ARIS Broader Impacts Toolkit, and she stays involved with resilience issues through her role on the advisory board of an emerging nonprofit, STAR-TIDES. She and her team prioritize facilitating proposal development and bolstering faculty research, scholarship, and creative activity UNM.