Makayla Grijalva

Makayla Grijalva

Title with Advance at UNM:

Multimedia intern

Your background: 

Makayla is an undergraduate student pursuing a double major in Multimedia Journalism and Political Science. She is also working as the multimedia editor at the Daily Lobo and as a student intern at the New Mexico News Port. Prior to working at Advance, she was a student video editor at Project ECHO for two years.  

Why were you attracted to the project?

Makayla has always loved showcasing the great things people do through either writing or video. Advance at UNM provides a venue for her  to continue to do just that. When the internship was presented to one of her journalism classes, she knew it was the position for her.

What’s that one cool thing about you?

She worked on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC as a Journalist during the spring 2018 semester. Also, she is currently trying to train her betta fish to jump through a hoop.