Dr. Mary Gilbreth, Visiting Lecturer III, TEELP College of Education


Dr. Mary Gilbreth



Visiting Lecturer III



TEELP College of Education


Describe your research in about 200 words.

As an educational professional for over 48 years, I have seen an evolution in the school system. When teaching at the University of New Mexico in the College of Education, I was involved in training new teachers in 8 Core Values that should embody a teacher: Advocacy, Building Professional Identities, Collaboration & Relationships, Dignity, Diversity & Social Justice, New Mexico, Scholarship & Research, and Teaching & Learning. According to Wikipedia, an advocate is someone who provides advocacy support to people who need it. Advocacy means that a teacher must support and defend his or her students in all aspects of their educational programs. Building Professional Identities is needed for all teachers. A teacher must be professional in all areas. Every teacher is a role model to their students. Students should always look up to their teachers for guidance and support. Teachers should ask their students what are 3 characteristic qualities you see in me? Collaboration & Relationships are important in providing a community of learners. Teachers need to collaborate with other teachers, parents, staff, and administration to create an environment where all students obtain the best education possible. As collaboration takes place, relationships are formed and nurtured. Dignity should be given to all students. Teachers need to celebrate the accomplishments of the students they teach. Dignity and respect go hand and 2 hand. When teachers honor their students, their students will continue to gain confidence and self-worth. Diversity and Social Justice is addressed to provide a school environment where students are celebrated. All cultures, ethnicities, religions, spiritual traditions and character education should be part of the curriculum. When we learn about each other, a tolerance, compassion, and understanding is formed to create a school where all students respect each other. The schools of New Mexico have an obligation to educate students on the history of New Mexico. Students need to understand how this state became part of the United States and what our ancestors went through to make this state great and provide a life for our youth today. Teachers need to become scholars in their profession. They need to hone their teaching by continuing their education. Analyzing data in the classroom will provide research to best meet the needs of all students, and finding new ways to make accommodations to help students learn will allow students to succeed. “As teachers teach so they learn.” A day should not go by without one asking, “What did I learn today?” We ask our students, “What did you learn today?” We should ask ourselves, “What did I learn from my teaching and what did I learn from my students today?” Teachers need to continue to participate in professional development, and continue to achieve advanced degrees. Teachers are professionals and professionals keep learning. These 8 Core Values encapsulate the essence of teaching. Making sure all teachers have a classroom where they know their subjects area, have a learnercentered classroom, are able to write concise lesson plans that connect common core standards with objectives, activities, accommodations, and assess for mastery. Becoming a great teacher is a work in progress. As teachers, each day can be great when we see the success in the students we teach. Yes, teachers make a difference…one student at a time. 3 References UNM Elementary Education (K-8) Undergraduate Program Student Handbook (Nov.2017) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advocacy


What’s the most interesting thing you have learned from a student?

The most interesting thing I have learned from a student is how much they care about the students they are teaching. They are committed to providing the best education possible for each student they teach.