STEM Shoutout: Dr. Elizabeth Korver-Glenn

UNM Sociologist Awarded 2021 Teaching Excellence Award


UNM Assistant Professor of Sociology Dr. Elizabeth Korver-Glenn has been awarded a prestigious Teaching Excellence Award.


The Teaching Excellence Awards recognize outstanding teachers at UNM. According to the Center For Teaching Excellence website, the awards “recognize the tremendous work and ingenuity instructors have demonstrated in response to the COVID-19 health crisis.”


Instructors who receive this award accomplished the skills of hybrid or remote teaching, inclusive and welcoming classroom, or accessible materials.  


“As a teacher, my primary goal is to foster students’ critical engagement with rigorous sociological research and to help them understand their own social worlds through the lenses such research provides,” Korver-Glenn said. 


Korver-Glenn said her favorite aspect of teaching is when she mentors graduate students. She believes that the teaching excellence award belongs to the students.


“In many ways I feel that this award belongs to the students I’ve had the privilege of knowing and teaching. I strongly suspect I learn more from them than they do from me. It has been a deep joy to journey with them these past several years, and I dedicate this award to them and to my future students as well,” Korver-Glenn said. 


In April 2021, Korver-Glenn published her first book, Race Brokers: Housing Markets and Segregation in 21st Century Urban America where she uses multiple methods to explain the housing exchange process. Korver-Glenn also works on many other projects with professors related to neighborhoods, property, and the built environment. 


“I am also working on another book project with Dr. Sarah Mayorga on neighborhood reputation and inequality; an extensive, mixed-methods project on rental property management (with Dr. Junia Howell and Dr. Ellen Whitehead); and a project on the built environment and immigrant integration in Sweden (with Dr. Sarah Valdez and Dr. Elizabeth Roberto), among other projects,” she said.


Korver-Glenn said she enjoys teaching undergraduate and graduate students.  She  said her students teach her a lot as well. With this experience, she engages in interdisciplinary research to create an interactive classroom environment.