STEM Shoutout: Dr. Jami Gayle Nelson-Nuñez

Political science prof named one of UNM’s New Teachers of the Year

Dr. Jami Gayle Nelson-Nuñez has been named one of UNM’s 2017-2018 New Teachers of the Year. Nelson-Nuñez, who works in the Department of Political Science, studies the politics of providing services, like drinking water and improved sanitation, in developing contexts. Another area of interest for Nelson-Nuñez is studying how non-governmental organizations work with local governments in aiding poor communities.

Along with this recognition, Nelson-Nuñez in 2017 was named a  2017 Women in STEM (WIS) award winner.

“I applied for the WIS award during the 2016-2017 academic year. It was helpful in that it facilitated the development of my research ideas. After winning the grant, I felt more connected to people at UNM in being part of an impressive cohort of women who also won ADVANCE support. The grant enabled me to spend six weeks collecting data that simply would not have been possible otherwise,” Nelson-Nuñez said.

“Being able to talk with government officials at multiple levels in Bolivia and Peru yielded information about new government policies that will be a foundation for me in future research projects. Also, as someone who studies Latin America, being able to spend a summer working with people there helps me to feel knowledgeable and connected.  On a personal note, the Women In Stem grant feels like a vote of confidence and a signal of interest in my research and ideas. I am very grateful as this grant has motivated me to achieve more and dive more deeply into my work,” Nelson-Nuñez said.