In addition to the subject you teach, there’s so much to keep up with as you share your knowledge with students. From using UNM’s new Learning Management System to being sure you know best practices for the classroom, we’ve got you covered with the resources below.


UNM Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning site provides resources for faculty and students for successful teaching and learning practices. They strive to meet the educational needs of students with evidence-based teaching approaches. 


UNM Academic Information Technology 

The UNM Academic IT provides support with tools and technology for students, faculty, and staff. UNM Academic IT also provides collaborative spaces such as labs, student printing, lecture and web conference support and personal devices.


Transition to Canvas

UNM is transitioning to the Canvas learning management system. Learn more on the UNM Canvas implementation page about the transition and visit this list of workshops and training.


UNM Adobe Creative Campus

Learn more about UNM’s partnership with Adobe and your access to the suite of software in the Adobe Creative Cloud including design, video and other programs.


Resources for projects involving students

UNM Undergraduate Research, Arts & Design Network (URAD) is a network of students, faculty, and staff who work towards providing undergraduates with early opportunities of research skills, projects, programs, and internships. These resources enhance learning and expand connections.


UNM Expanding Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences (ECURE) is an NSF-funded grant that help enrich undergraduate STEM education. This program engages students to work on research and improves science literacy. Instructors benefit from ECURE since they can incorporate research components in their classes to help engage students perception of science. 


UNM Student Experience Project (SEP) is a multi-institution project that aims to improve student success and classroom performance. 


Five Things to Know about UNM Center for Teaching and Learning

In this video, Kimberly Fournier, director of the Teaching Support Program at the Center for Teaching and Learning at UNM, discusses useful faculty resources.