UNM Faculty Lightning Lounge (Postdoc Edition) 9/23/21


Hear from five University of New Mexico postdocs about their research in 7-minute presentations during this special Lightning Lounge event in honor of Postdoc Appreciation Week.


The speakers for the September 2021 Lightning Lounge were:

Ottavia Benedicenti, a Postdoctoral Fellow in Biology whose presentation was An exotic example of the transition from water to land: the immunobiology of African lungfish, Verlin W. Joseph, a Postdoctoral Fellow at CASAA, whose presentation was “The Intersection of Stigma and Recovery among Justice-Involved Women”, Liz Godwin, a Postdoctoral Fellow in  Electrical and Computer Engineering whose presentation was “Advanced Manufacturing: A Portal for Nanomaterials and Revolutionary Systems,” Emily E Morin, a Postdoctoral Fellow in Cell Biology and Physiology, who presentation was “Cholesterol Regulation of Vasoreactivity,” and Emmanuel Asonye, a Postdoctoral Fellow in Africana Studies whose presentation was “My Hero is You”: Promoting Deaf Human Rights in the Covid-19 Era.”