Help, I Need Somebody: Assistance with Planning and Managing Funded Work


ADVANCE and FRDO presented a workshop on April 8, 2022 to help you figure out who to contact when you have questions related to planning and managing funded work.


The speakers were Julia Fulghum, Advance director, Betsy Till, Senior Managing Director for Corporate and Foundation Relations at the UNM Foundation, Heather Mechler, Director, UNM Office of Institutional Analytics, Jonathan Wheeler, Data Curation Librarian, Steve Carr, Communications Manager, and Hannah Yohalem, Faculty Research Support Officer. See Yohalem’s presentation from the workshop here.


Also at the workshop, participants shared helpful links including the following:

To request assistance from a Faculty Research Support Officer, click here

For information on UNM’s Grand Challenges initiative including current requests for proposals, go here

For information on the UNM Foundation’s Corporate Foundation Relations, go here.  See a list of services provided by CFR here. There is also information about crowdfunding here.

For information on staff at the UNM Libraries, visit this page.

For the UNM Libraries Research Data Services, click here. To learn about their Coffee & Code workshop series on data science tools, go here. 

To request data on UNM for your proposals including information on students, staff and finance, visit the Office of Institutional Analytics here.

For information on working with University Communication and Marketing, visit this page.

For the calendar of UNM events, visit this site. 

For additional events of interest to faculty, visit the Advance at UNM events calendar