STEM Shoutout: Kristina Yu

Associate professor of UNM architecture and planning studies how to build functional and long-lasting buildings


Kristina Yu, an associate professor of architecture and planning at UNM works with different materials and practices, such as admixtures in concrete and photovoltaic integrated layering, to find construction methods that allow people to assemble longer-lasting buildings.

“Currently, I am deeply interested in how materials work with architecture: how materials perform, how it can be assembled, how it can be transformed – to make new, possibly stronger and interesting combinations for construction,” Yu said.

Yu’s work emphasizes the connection between science and people. She studies how people can relate to the built-environment in order to dig deeper into the foundations of architecture. Yu also promotes these values to her students and encourages them to research further into their own understanding of architecture as well.

“Performance of buildings is a key asset to any client and community…helping to teach others to value these areas are my long term goals,” Yu said.

“The future will require material performance and design to be integrated…These are wonderfully challenging times for us all, requiring us all to be most thoughtful and attentive to every endeavor we pursue,” Yu said.