Broader Impacts and Community Engaged Research



In this virtual workshop held Oct. 7, 2022, UNM colleagues learned how to make good proposals great using the Broader Impacts Toolkit and heard from a panel of UNM researchers about their experiences engaging with communities. Speakers included Lorenda Belone, an Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator in Health, Exercise and Sports Sciences; Renia Ehrenfeucht, a Professor and Associate Dean for Research in Community and Regional Planning and Wendy Greyeyes, an Assistant Professor in Native American Studies. Moderators were Hannah Yohalem, a Faculty Research Support Officer and Anita Grierson Grand Challenges Operations Director.

Helpful links from the workshop

The workshop presenters mentioned a variety of great resources. Below are some of the links they provided.


See the Broader Impacts Toolkit from Advancing Research Impact in Society project.

View the CBPR Conceptual Model.

Learn about the Toolbox Dialogue Initiative.

See the Harvard Catalyst Community Engagement Program.

View the Citi Program’s Community-Engaged and Community-Based Participatory Research course.