STEM Shoutout: Dr. Frances Hayashida

UNM associate professor of anthropology promoted to professor of anthropology in summer 2019


Dr. Frances Hayashida was recently promoted to professor of anthropology at UNM.

Hayashida is an archaeologist who studies water, land, politics, and culture in arid environments in the Andes. 

“I study what happens to local people and landscapes following imperial (Inka) conquest. The work that contributed to my promotion examines these issues in the high-altitude Atacama Desert in northern Chile, where I co-direct an interdisciplinary team with Spanish and Chilean colleagues,” Hayashida said. 

Hayashida recently did research in Chile’s Atacama Desert through a Fulbright fellowship. This research included exploring ancient agriculture and ritual practices in the desert.

“This research, and my interest in international collaboration, has also shaped my teaching, advising, and service,” Hayashida said.

Hayashida’s long-term goals at UNM are as follows: to build a more inclusive and supportive environment for students; to help anthropology students develop knowledge and skills they need to succeed once they graduate; to contribute to international initiatives and programs (like the Latin American and Iberian Institute), and to continue her research and work in the Andes.

Photo taken by Felina Martinez.