STEM Shoutout: Dr. Lisa Broidy

UNM sociology professor Lisa Broidy named as a regents’ professor

Dr. Lisa Broidy in July was named as one of three regents’ professors at UNM, an award for senior faculty members with outstanding accomplishments in teaching and scholarship.

Broidy, a sociology professor, said she was honored to learn of the appointment.

“I appreciate this recognition for the research I have been doing on female offending and victimization and its impacts on both women and their children. This award also recognizes the efforts I have put into building collaborative national and international research networks, which increases the scope and impact of my work and, frankly, makes it more fun,” she said.

Broidy received her PhD from Washington State University in 1997. Currently, she is the director of the Graduate program in the Department of Sociology and serves as on the Program Committee for the University’s Master of Public Policy Program. She is also an Affiliated Professor with the Griffith Criminology Institute in Brisbane, Australia. Her research focuses on the intersection of criminology and gender, with applications to theory and practice. Theoretically, her work explores the role of strain and emotions as both motivations and constraints to female offending. Her work also examines how women’s life course experiences shape their offending and victimization trajectories. As Director and Deputy Director of three research institutes during her career, she has also conducted policy focused evaluation research. Her work in this domain has, for instance, examined women’s interface with the criminal justice system and health systems and related policy implications. Specifically, she has examined the role of the police and the courts, as well as health care systems in response to intimate partner violence. She is also currently involved in two projects examining the impacts of mother’s criminal justice system contacts on their families and children.

According to the UNM Arts and Sciences Department website, regents’ professor is a “special title bestowed on selected senior faculty members who, in the judgment of the Dean and on the advice of a faculty selection committee, merit recognition of their accomplishments as teachers, scholars and leaders both in University affairs and in their national/international professional communities.”