STEM Shoutout: Dr. Lisa Marchiondo

Organizational studies educator promoted to associate professor


Dr. Lisa Marchiondo, who teaches in the Department of Organizational Studies at the UNM Anderson School of Management, recently was promoted to associate professor.


Marchiondo said she’s thrilled about the tenure and promotion.


“I told family and friends that this experience is on par with receiving my PhD.  It’s incredibly rewarding to have senior colleagues and experts in your field formally recognize years’ worth of your work.  When I felt overwhelmed along the way, my best friend would say, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” That encouragement kept me moving, and I’m truly looking forward to the next chapter.”


Marchiondo, who is a member of the Advance at UNM Social Science Research Team, focuses her work on three topics and their intersections: leadership, diversity in organizations, and interpersonal mistreatment at work.  


“For instance, ADVANCE colleagues and I recently published a manuscript in the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education showing that academic leaders’ attitudes toward diversity related to faculty endorsement of institutional diversity over time, particularly among male faculty.  This project suggests that leaders’ diversity attitudes “trickle down” to faculty, a notion we’re investigating in further studies.”


Marchiondo also has looked at ways to deal with workplace discrimination.


“In Spring 2021, I presented a project at the Lightning Lounge about an intervention that mitigates the negative consequences of workplace age discrimination. My colleague and I found that affirming one’s most important personal values via a brief writing exercise reduced employees’ detrimental outcomes of workplace ageism two weeks later. This project established a personal, brief, and no-cost method by which targets of discrimination can heighten their well-being. Our hope is that such an intervention will complement formal interventions and leaders’ influence to combat age discrimination and provide targets with agency.”