STEM Shoutout: Dr. Lisa Whalen

Dr. Lisa Whalen promoted to principal lecturer III

Dr. Lisa Whalen recently was promoted to principal lecturer III in the Department of Chemistry and Biology at UNM. In her teaching, Whalen has focused on using collaborative learning pedagogy, developing a study abroad science course for biology, chemistry, and biochemistry students, and helping to design new organic chemistry teaching laboratories.

During the study abroad portion, in every other summer intersession from 2017, Whalen and her students travel to Germany to visit sites that were discussed throughout the material presented at UNM, such as the clinical research organization PAREXEL and the headquarters of the pharmaceutical company Merck.

“By the time they finish the class, students will be able to understand the process of developing, making, and approving a drug,” Whalen said.

Whalen works to bring relevant and real-world applications into her classrooms to inspire students to think deeply about the purpose of the class and what they wish to accomplish with the information they gain from it.

“Overall, I hope that the students who take organic and/or medicinal chemistry will have a positive experience that opens their minds to other possibilities, and that they gain confidence in their abilities to solve problems,” Whalen said.