UNM Faculty Lightning Lounge 02/10/2021

Hear from four University of New Mexico faculty members about their research in 7-minute presentations each month during the Lightning Lounge event.


The February speakers were: Rebecca Bixby, a Research Assistant Professor in Biology whose presentation is “Looking for the Light: the Dynamics of Algae in Aridland Rivers”; Jason Moore, an Associate Professor in the Honors College whose talk is called “The Present is Not The Key To The Past: Fossil Preservation on Megafans”; Maryam Ahranjani, an Associate Professor in the School of Law who presented: “ School “Safety” Measures Jump Constitutional Guardrails”; and Fabiano Amorim, an Associate Professor in Health Exercise & Sports Sciences whose talk was called “HIITing Insulin Resistance.”

The Lightning Lounge is sponsored by Advance at UNM, the Center for Teaching Excellence, the Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of the Vice President for Research.