STEM Shoutout: Dr. Angela Wandinger-Ness

UNM professor receives the STC Innovation Fellow Award

Dr. Angela Wandinger-Ness’ work on ovarian cancer research recently received the 2019 Supporting Technology Transfer and Catalyzing Economic Development at UNM Award (STC.UNM).

According to Wandinger-Ness, current ovarian cancer therapies are limited by heavy reliance on chemotherapies and have remained largely unchanged for 30 years.

Her aspirations are to make a more efficient, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug ( R-ketorolac) treatment that will hopefully yield results in benifit of ovarian cancer patients.

“With our industry partner, we aim to secure private funding for further chemical development and FDA approval of R-ketorolac as an investigational new drug. Collectively, we see these steps as helping to transform ovarian cancer patient treatment options,” Wandinger-Ness said.

STC.UNM selects a faculty inventor once a year whose work has is seen as making a significant social and economic impact on society. In addition to her research, she believes that training the next generation of researchers and inventors is just as important.

Wandinger-Ness said she believes that through personalized mentorship and support anything is possible. When she was a junior faculty member Wandinger-Ness said she benefited from senior faculty who engaged her collaborations and encouraged her in taking leadership roles.

“I have especially aimed to encourage women and trainees from backgrounds that are underrepresented in the sciences and cancer research. I have done so by providing opportunities in my own research lab, as well as through leadership of training programs from the high school to the junior faculty levels.”

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