Advance Leadership Team

We are an eclectic and experienced group of faculty and staff developing partnerships that will create sustainable changes in the UNM climate, contributing to increased success and satisfaction for women and minority faculty.

Advance / UNM FIRST Evaluation Core

The Advance / UNM FIRST Evaluation Core uses cutting edge theoretical, measurement, and statistical approaches to conduct an innovative evaluation of implementing a cohort model of faculty hiring, sponsorship, ongoing mentoring and support, and faculty development. Our long-term goal is to transform institutional culture at UNM to increase diversity and inclusive excellence.

Previous External Advisory Board

This group of prominent scholars and practitioners monitored the project, assessed progress toward project goals, provided recommendations for improvements to the project and offered suggestions about additional resources and opportunities.

Previous Internal Advisory Board

This rotating group of UNM faculty provided feedback on program efforts, suggested program activities and participants, and coordinated ADVANCE activities with other activities on campus related to project goals.

Advance Leadership Alumni

Some of UNM’s best minds have been a part of our team from the start. 


Our consultants assist with various projects within our program. 

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