• WhentoSayNo2

    Advance at UNM Panel Discussion: How and When to Say No

    It can be tough when you have what seem like hundreds of demands for your time. Our recent panel looked and how and when it’s OK to say no. See the slides below from Dr. Julia Fulghum, director of Advance at UNM, and click above to hear the entire presentation from her and Dr. Mark Peceny, […]

  • photofive550

    Advance at UNM panel discussion: NSF CAREER proposal workshop

    Advance at UNM and the Faculty Research Development Office on March 21 hosted a panel discussion on writing an NSF CAREER proposal. Nearly 50 people including junior STEM faculty from 16 departments on campus attended to learn more about the National Science Foundation (NSF)’s Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program from a series of UNM faculty […]

  • EngineeringLibrarycropped

    New gear at UNM’s Centennial Engineering Library lets faculty get high tech

    UNM faculty and students now have access to two high-tech communal rooms at the Centennial Library.One of the new rooms (DEN 2) has a full virtual reality (VR) set, called the HTV VIVE.The other room (DEN 1) hosts a collection of both Windows and Mac desktop computers equipped with a substantial variety of software.On Feb. 17, […]

  • NSFpanel1

    Advance at UNM Panel Discussion: How to work with the NSF

    Panelists from left to right Jessie DeAro, Amy P. Chen and Lydia Tapia enjoy a moment during a panel on how UNM faculty can work with the NSF. Photo: Noah Michelsohn / Advance at UNMMake sure your NSF proposal is succinct and to the point. Be sure it tells reviewers why […]

  • IMG_8935

    National sexual assault expert has 10 tips to help colleges avoid “institutional betrayal”

    A national authority on sexual violence says the UNM community can take 10 steps to best help survivors of assault and harassment on campus.Dr. Jennifer Freyd, a psychology professor at the University of Oregon spoke at UNM Feb. 6 as the keynote speaker of the Campus Sexual Violence: Research and Response seminar sponsored by the […]

Resources and readings

Writing tools and tips

Academic writing resources abound from the Owl at Purdue.

For those of us driven by meaningless incentives like streaks and badges, 750 Words is a fun tool to help you write more. Lets you track how many days each month you were able to get three pages worth of words down.

Exploration of Style is a blog with a variety of academic writing tips:

Written kitten has writing tips for those of us driven by kittens.

Productivity in your personal life

This Harvard Business Review article has tips on applying the productivity and other apps you use at work to your home life to help with parenting and beyond.

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